Technology, an ‘innovation’


Imagine waking up to an old-fashioned digital alarm clock and eagerly getting out of bed instead of grabbing your mobile phone to verify whether any messages have come in. Imagine actually making conversation with your family at breakfast and listening to the news on the radio together. What if, instead of resentfully walking to the bus station, you gathered with a group of your mates from the corner of your neighbourhood and chatted to them as you all headed in the same direction.


Imagination is now needed to be able to see all this. Why? Because of what people call a boon to humanity: Technology. Technology, it is true, is the key to so many discoveries, the facilitator of so much of our lives. However, it is also, one must admit, the root cause of the constant destruction of human interactions and relationships. Technology presents itself everywhere, for example, in earphones. A simple pair of earphones is what can possibly prevent around 2 to 3 of the interactions mentioned from occurring. Technology is always evolving. Every day, new models of all sorts of gadgets are released, an increase of at least 15% in the price, compared to the previous version for simply one or two new features. People rely so much on technology nowadays, and they are not to blame, as most people would prefer an all-in-one gadget than an individual dictionary, camera, calculator, among others as many types of software can be installed if access to a web browser is available. But besides our comfort, there is always a certain amount of things which we, humans, should do by ourselves and the way new robots and machines are developing we seem to be getting lazier and lazier by the minute. We rely so much on technology that being tossed into the jungle with wild animals with a group of friends with no property would really help in teaching us how to be independent and to be interactive and get to know people better once again like in the old days.

After everything, we might start to think that we should stop the evolution of technology. But no, we need technology in many ways now that we have lived our lives relying on it to an extent which we can’t just stop using it.


Technology is a great advancement for humans; the one thing which needs to be moderated is how we use it. We should start thinking about whether building a strong relationship with someone like your girlfriend/boyfriend at the age of 14 who would very likely not even talk to you in the space of 10 years time is really worth breaking your bonds and interactions with your family. Is it really worth losing your connection with your mother, father, siblings and all of your school friends, who have always been right there for you and who always will. Even for your true lover, you don’t need technology. Meet with him/her regularly. Don’t text message each other, that is not the way to love, love the same way your grand-parents possibly did; the true way. As the father of physics once said: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

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