How To Avoid Plagiarism

I like to see my students improve over the course of the quarter they don’t usually improve that much but I asked her if this was her own writing she sure she was avoiding plagiarism she said yes she was but once again we find the source the pirate immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS is a disease that destroys the body’s immune system was lifted with this condition or rendered defenseless against a wide variety of infectious ailments not usually people who possess a proper functioning system which actually improved upon it slightly by changing two words and the United States aids persecuted one gay male shortly thereafter etcetera etc you can see she plagiarized these parts that I’ve highlighted she did not know how this happened I did not know how I brought her into my office we talked about it she’s like I didn’t I don’t know I don’t know how I did this I did not intend to take any of this information. Learn more about plagiarism check and how to prepare your work at Edusson.

But I don’t know if you noticed but this is this is a photocopy this is before EBSCOhost and ProQuest allows you to easily access things online and as a result because she wanted to save paper and save money didn’t want a photocopy things she often would sit in the library and take notes while she was reading so she sat in the library taking notes on things from these journal articles and then two weeks later she goes to write a paper she opens up her notebook there it is in her green rollerball pen looks like her writing hearts over the eyes or whatever and she copies some things directly from her notebook into her paper I can imagine doing them I can imagine losing track of things in that way especially as a 20 year old student so this was one of those cases where it truly was unintentional she plagiarized at the note-taking stage she plagiarized in her notes and then wrote from her notes and she didn’t double-check she can’t go back and double-check since this happened since the first time I taught English 102 actually these first two examples and I didn’t have this discussion of plagiarism and how can happen accidentally I sort of trusted students judgment on whether they understood it how to avoid it.

When I didn’t have these two days that we’ll have in here where we double check for plagiarism and so you know there was just no opportunity for her to double-check once it was written and once she’d gotten it out of her notebook and again just to point out she’s got one per page one here she’s got one bird page one so she has cited the source what she didn’t do is include quotation marks around the border fine – right also we need to know that blomberg at the beginning otherwise we might think the blum bird reference is just that the number of cases is increasing in correctional facilities that it’s just that bit of information that she’s putting there the definition.