Enjoyable Essay Writing

Don’t make up a lesson that you have learned from from the obstacles or the situations that you were involved with just be as honest as you can and if you are honest then your writing is going to be better it is going to sound better and the reader is going to enjoy reading it and and be captivated by you as a person yeah absolutely and and beyond just the essay I think believe in yourself throughout this entire process right like you are going to go to college right like you are in this process you are going to do extraordinarily well and go on through a great place the fits you well and and continue to succeed in life and so keeping that as the ultimate goal like I know I’m going to go to college it just about figuring out the best place that I’m going to be at right.Read more articles on essay and problems at Robotdon.com.

And so I know there’s time to do especially like I was a first gen student and when I was applying to college there a moment so I was just like no I’m terrified to apply to this school because I don’t want them to deny me or like I don’t think I’m good enough right and I had to really fight against that and like the school that I ended up going to with the school that I was so sure I was never going to be able to attend or they would never want me though I loved it right like believe in yourself believe that you have great capacity and great things okay okay um the next question we have is particular to the situation of students who would be applying to quest bridge so this person asks I have talked to many people about writing essays and also them say to not make the essay too sad or depressing others say that especially for quest bridge it is better to emphasize our sad stories which is the better route to go more truth is the better route right so.

If you feel like you have to be honest like there’s there’s when you are talking about your biography and you are like I can’t talk about Who I am without talking about this thing and it is sad that it is a part of who I am then then that should be that should be included in there I would say that you should end with where you are you know I’m like a hopeful note like yes I won’t do this this thing that this is where I am now and this is where I imagine I’m going to be like that kind of projecting yourself forward it is really important and but I know some of them some powerful powerful life experiences some students have had and they chose not to write about that in their essay and instead in the additional information section they are just like heads up.