An Exam Essay

if you are preparing for any exam we’re in the subjective test you have to write the essay just this is a common strategy a time limits may vary in this strategy that you can adjust according to the exam you are going to appear in so I’ll talk about the eius exam from last few years two essays are coming for 125 mark each that is your essay paper consists of 250 marks so you need to divide your time equally among the two essays so you have three hours in total so you have one and a half are for each essay that is 90 minutes so you have to divide this time equally for your two S’s so I’ll talk about the time how in the strategy in this kind of mantra that I need to give you so this is a foundation where you can build on your unique style of writing so for the first five minutes choose the topic carefully okay.

Then you need to memorize the topic see why memorizing the topic is important because so that while writing the essay you need not to look at the question paper again and again what is the title of my essay because you tend to forget it due to your anxiety so therefore you need to memorize the topic carefully and in many case cases sometimes we misinterpret the meaning of the title and we end up writing something else that is not required so while memorizing the topic try to understand the topic carefully right so after that you need to do the basic bit brainstorming now what is this brainstorming we’ll discuss in our subsequent slides so this time of one and a half hours you need to divide it in two stages planning stage and execution stage and both stages are equally important whatever you have planned in this stage you have to apply it in execution stage execution stage is a stage where we actually write the essay and planning is important why it is important let me tell you because when we start suppose we choose a particular topic.

This is the topic I choose to write in my exam and then I start writing bla bla bla bla bla and in the end I suddenly in the middle of the essay suddenly realize oh my god I have forgotten these points which which I should have added in the introductory para now time has time is running I cannot do anything I don’t have any space left over in the introductory para so I will make a lot of mistakes and I might lose my marks due to my the silly mistake therefore planning that what you’re going to write in execution stage is very important so the both these stages are very important right now you might feel that this is I cannot execute this this is bullshit what she is telling but trust me if you try practicing by this way for before you exam at least 10 to 20 times you are going to rock in you exam.